About JTK


  • I'm from northeast Mesa, AZ and have lived my whole life in the same square mile in two houses
  • I come from a family of a lot of womens, I have 5 sisters and I'm right in the middle of all of them
  • I am a member of the LDS church in Utah



  1. Education
    • Hermosa Vista Elementary
    • Stapley Junior High Shcool
    • Mountain View High School
    • Brigham Young University
  2. Expereince
    • Alta Ventures
    • Beneficial Financial
    • Sudbury Capital Management
    • Columbia West Capital
  3. Skills
    • discounted cash flows and leveraged buyouts
    • bloomberg and capitaliq functionality
    • comparable companies and precedent trx's
    • merger models, divestitures, and takeovers