Below is visuals done by the all powerful Tableau, showing profits in the US and specifically in CA for Superstore

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How are Profits fairing in the 50 states?

This is a breakdown of all the revenue from Global Superstores across the United States. You can see that states like CA and NY generate high profits and states like TX do very poorly.

The midwest region of the country might be the strongest area for Global Superstores. All the states generate positive profits and are medium-strong numbers.

Pick a state with high profits and discuss how the state is fairing.

CA generates more revenue than any other state with 76381. When taking a deep dive into their sub-categories it is clear that their accessories generate the most profits. The binders, paper, and copies also create lots of value for the store.

Global superstores should seriously consider not selling their tables and maybe even their fasteners that are almost negative.

How are profits within the state doing for each product category?

This analysis is not as deep as the one above. This bundles the subcategories together and it's clear to see that office supplies are the most lucrative for global superstores with 37748.

It makes sense the a lot of the office supplies have the best margins where as the furniture doesn't have good margins. It would also be interesting for Global superstores to see what their profits are in furniture if they took out the negative tables.

In terms of quantity of sales, what is the forecast for the most profitable category through November 2015?

Looking at the office supplies here, the forecast looks like we should end november 2015 with clost to 200,000 in quantity of sales.

This does not look very good for Global Superstores. Looking at the previous years peaks in like October, they are at close to 225,000 and so it looks like they could be in for some years of decline. At least one for sure.

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